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What are the characteristics of each system of plane mask machine?
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What are the characteristics of each system of plane mask machine?

The characteristics of each system of plane mask machine are as follows:

Folding system

1. Insert folding device, easy to adjust and adjust

2. Large diameter welding wheel can effectively reduce product deformation.

Automatic feeding system

1. Aluminum alloy frame, solid and beautiful, to ensure the size of the finished product is accurate;

2. Stainless steel fixture, adjustable from left to right;

3. The tension wheel is set to adjust the fabric tension, so as to effectively ensure the beauty and smoothness of the finished product;

4. Independent nasal line conveying group, convenient for adjustment and maintenance.

Ultrasonic heat sealing system

1. Titanium alloy mold, when most mask machinery manufacturers use aluminum alloy, mask machine has provided and actively advocated customers to use titanium alloy mold, because compared with aluminum alloy, it is easy to oxidize and burst, which is not suitable for long-term rush operation and short service life.

2. Imported ultrasonic transducer, 20K international frequency standard, output more powerful and stable; plus two sets of ultrasonic system, effectively ensure the welding quality of products.

3. PLC program controls the movement of the whole machine to reduce the operation difficulty of users.

Discharge system

1. Forming two pieces of products at one time to improve the production speed

2. Product discharge position, automatic stacking, convenient for finishing and stacking of finished products, saving time and labor for ear band welding in the next process.

The whole machine has stable performance, continuously adjustable production speed, high production efficiency, up to 160 pieces per minute, convenient and accurate counting, high utilization rate of raw materials, simple and convenient operation and adjustment, high degree of automation, and effective reduction of labor costs.

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