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Cutting characteristics of feeder
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Cutting characteristics of feeder

Servo offset feeding machine is an essential feeding equipment for wafer blanking production line. The purpose of production can be achieved by automatically shifting metal wafer from left to right. Disc cutting production line is equipped with servo deflection feeder, which can save cost and improve production efficiency. It has high output, high efficiency, high precision, low energy consumption and full automatic control. In order to ensure the flatness of the material, the wafer blanking production line needs to cooperate with the leveling machine to correct the feeding and ensure the quality of the finished products.

In the production process of wafer blanking, when servo offset feeding is used, the work roll of leveling machine can correct the radian of the material, so that the metal material can pass through the normal pressure grinding tool smoothly and ensure the flatness of the blanking disc. At the same time of feeding and leveling, turbine elevator can be used to adjust the feeding work roll and leveling work roll up and down, and the clearance of turbine elevator can be eliminated by spring. The surface of feeding work roll and leveling work roll of Shixiang wafer blanking production line is coated with hard chromium.

The deflection displacement device of wafer blanking production line is mainly composed of linear guide rail, ball screw, fixed seat, working frame and so on. It can reduce friction force and speed up feeding. In the process of disc uncoiling and blanking, it is often necessary to cooperate with the decoiler blanking production. Shixiang disc blanking uncoiler mainly adopts high strength design such as sliding rail displacement, large hydraulic power, disc brake, rolling press, etc., so as to ensure the reliability and stability in work.

The production line of wafer blanking is widely used, which is suitable for the production of various metal materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, special alloy and bimetal. Generally, the thickness of the workpiece is 0.3-3.0 mm and the width is 1800mm, The diameter of the wafer is 1000mm. The maximum feeding speed of the wafer cutting production line is 60 times per minute. In the production process, only one employee is required to operate the control cabinet of the electric control box and input the operation program on the man-machine panel. The equipment will be fully automatic production, saving labor, reducing costs and realizing complete automatic production.

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